4 comments on “Superman vs. Jesus: A Deconstruction

  1. A new way to look at Superman Returns. Nice! 🙂 And I totally agree about the moment at the end. I hadn’t even considered the idea that it was supposed to be a hard moral choice. He just kind of does it!

    Also, how the BLEEP did you find that stuff for Blind Side and Book of Eli!?!?! That is really messed up! And from a Pepperdine guy! Wow….no words.

    • Thanks man! Yes, it’s thanks to heroes like Superman that we can now enjoy the view that those pesky skyscrapers were blocking!

      Although, like I said, I’m not too terribly bothered with The Blind Side and Book of Eli being used in churches because I feel their content can be applicable to act as tie-ins to certain messages and the like. The notes provided should be used sparingly or as a jumping off point and not used note for note, but that’s its purpose: to be a resource. Man of Steel I have a problem with because it’s such a stretch to apply what happens in the movie to a biblical message.

  2. I’ve seen neither of the most recent Superman movies, so I can not comment on if the parallels are done well or not. As for putting this kind of Christian symbolism (or attempts at such) into a movie for marketing purposes, it really, really annoys me. I do not, however, want movies to ignore the Christian market. I think movies like The Book of Eli are welcome when well done, but I also don’t care for churches to ever use a movie like that to make a point that can so easily be made using the actual events as recorded in scripture. As a Christian, I don’t want to be completely ignored by the industry, but when I see attempts made to cater to the Christian demographic by writers, producers, and actors who largely don’t agree with me (and, therefore, can’t do justice to the parallels they’re trying to draw and can’t seem to leave out graphic scenes that I find quite objectionable), then I see it as a very poor marketing ploy.

    I guess it comes down to two things. I really enjoy thoughtful movies that use morality (Christian or otherwise) as a definitive motivation. But, if I feel like aspects of the movie are thrown in specifically to appeal to me, whatever demographic I happen to be in, I am much less likely to spend my money on that movie. And yes, this even applies to action movies with explosions and women thrown in to appeal to men. If the movie can’t stand on its own without those devices, then it probably isn’t worth my money.

    • Well put! I feel the same way about movies obviously pandering to what studios think people from my demographic want. I felt that way when I saw Man of Steel. All the Christian symbolism felt shoved into this movie just to appease me, and all it did was take me out of the movie. It can be well done, but it’s very very difficult to do as it works best when used sparingly and subtley. But Zack Snyder is not really a director known for subtlety, so what can you do?

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